1.Competence and Skills Framework

Output 1 is the connecting link between the research activities performed in the project preparation phase and the work to be carried out in the main project phase, i.e. the remaining Intellectual Outputs. O1 will also build on the final results of the CompoHUB project and will produce a comprehensive Competence and Skills Framework for the composite industry.

As part of O1, project partners will conduct a comprehensive analysis of the composite industry development in partners countries, especially Bulgaria and Croatia, where such analysis has not been conducted before. As part of extensive field research, partners will identify and map the key skills needed in companies of the composite industry in partner countries, to serve as the basis for the subsequent development of O2 and O3. The second part of O1 will provide a more comprehensive outlook of the composite industry. It will result in the development of a Catalogue of opportunities and barriers for employment and a Perspective technologies focus catalogue.

2.Training programme and content - Composite fabricator - my future vocation (Industry package)

Output 2 (i.e. the Industry package) coordinated by AFormX will aim to develop a comprehensive training programme and contents, tailored to the specific needs and requirements of the composite industry. For that purpose, it will integrate the framework developed in O1 and build on the existing materials produced in the CompoHUB project. The existing CompoHUB training content along with the newly developed training modules, will form a comprehensive training offer, packaged and disseminated in partner countries as Training programme "Composite fabricator - my future vocation". Following an evaluation and validation process by the industry (AFormX and 3dgrupa) and the VET project partners (i.e. SBG and KAK), through their training experts, the training programme will be piloted in Bulgaria and Croatia by trained facilitators, assigned by the relevant project partners (BICC and 3dgrupa).

In parallel to the piloting process, the updated and localised Training Programme will be integrated on the completely updated CompoHUB e-learning platform and online repository, to further enrich and revisit this online resource. Additional updates on the Platform, based on received user feedback, will also be introduced.

3. System for rapid adoption of a course for the composite industry by educational and commercial organisations (VET package)

Output 3 (i.e. the VET package) coordinated by KAK and SBG will develop a training programme which will be packaged and disseminated as a "System for rapid adoption of a course for the composite industry by educational and commercial organisations".The course will be based entirely on the Training programme, produced in the frame of O2. However, it will be developed to solve problems for training providers. Based on a detailed, Step-by-step Guide for organising training for the composite industry, summarising the findings of O1 and O2, along with a list of resources needed to give the courses, project partners, led by KAK will produce organisational guidelines, trainer preparation materials and tests. The Guide will include and offer a preliminary checklist, providing a detailed description and guidance on the basic material conditions that an organisation needs to fulfil before attempting a composite training course. It will serve as a primary reference for an initial go/no-go decision by a relevant manager/training expert of the educational organisation or VET provider whether to adopt the training or not. Following the development and preliminary evaluation of the Training Programme, it will be piloted during a Train-the-trainers session (C1) which will be organised in Slovenia and delivered jointly by KAK, SBG and AFormX. The trained experts will then pilot the Training programme "Composite fabricator - my future vocation" (O2) in organised pilots in Bulgaria and Croatia.

4. Transfer and expansion of the training and vocational standard: Fabricator of plastic composite materials

Output 4 will seek to expand further and transfer the vocational standard "Fabricator of composite products" into the VET systems of Bulgaria and Croatia. Under the coordination and with the active support of RRA, BICC and 3dgrupa will initiate a procedure to approve and introduce the vocational standard in their national educational systems. They will develop relevant competence profiles in accordance with EQF-4 (apprentices) and EQF-6 (trainers/Meister-Level) and the DigComp 2.0 - Framework. This process will be carried out with the active support of associated partners that have expressed their willingness to contribute to the process. By the end of the project, three EU countries will have implement (or be in the process of) implementing the same vocational standard (O4) (i.e. Slovenia, Croatia and Bulgaria).

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