The main goal of the project is to help maintain and increase the competitiveness of EU manual labor.

This is done by supporting the industry with training in countries where the composite manufacture is already well developed (Slovenia, Estonia, Germany) and introducing these results in countries where it is not (Bulgaria and Croatia), laying the foundation for future expansion. Therefore, the project shall involve and address the needs of the following target groups:

  1. SMEs in the composite industry (i.e. companies that use the composite materials to manufacture composite parts for different industries (e.g. aerospace, automotive, marine, etc.).
  2. SMEs, working in the regional wooden, textile, metal, and other traditional manufacturing industries (i.e. furniture production, joinery, etc.).
  3. Training organizations/institutions and VET providers.
  4. Educational institutions in the field of VET.

The project will also target students, career changers, individuals, who are searching for better opportunities to prosper as a high-tech skilled workforce, gaining new skills and strengthening their key competencies. On the individual level, CompoWIN supports the goal of a life-learning process for those, whose main interests and capabilities are in the field of manual labor and traditional skills.

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